Samstag, 5. Januar 2013

[REL] Animations V8 // fixed rifle-aiming

Been workin' on these for a while, I'm sorry that this version doesn't includes more features, but here are some:

V8 features

-Fixed rifle-aiming in the rifle.ifp
-New running animation
-New stance animation
-New animation when falling from 3-4 feet.

I mixed these animations with GTA IV, not intirely, only a few nice anims I'd like to have in SA :p
By the way, if you're not experienced with installing new animations, read the 'readme.txt' carefuly. I've explained everything there.

Pardon the lack of pictures, I really don't have much time to take pictures and all.


  1. There's a bug when I crouch with CJ, his mouth goes weird...

    1. You need modded skins for this anim...

  2. I like the new stance mod, is there a ped.ifp that you can give me wich only contains the new stance mod?

  3. the link don't work for me ç.ç