Freitag, 14. Dezember 2012

[REL] Delta Team Clan Package + V7 Animations!

I won't write much, since I'm exhausted. It took me hours to get the skins perfectly done, not to mention about V7 Animations, which contains small improvements such as the running & crouching. Sorry that I can't release more animations. They just take many hours to get them perfectly rendered. But atleast, I can release some awesome skins for you guys. Models by Infinity Ward, special thanks to Salva for rigging them perfectly (Check out his blog right under the chatbox!). Animations by xRx4Life, aka Frost from More info's in the readme.



PS: The file is huge, 7MB, but trust me it's totally worth it ;)
PS2: I removed the SEALS due to Salva's copyrights.



  1. download link your skin in Anim V7 please :3

  2. estan muy buenas las animaciones porfas espero ponto ponga el link

  3. download link your using skin in Anim V7(screenshot) Frost please :3
    Your blogs super and number 1st :D,sorry my bad english. :)