Freitag, 27. Juli 2012

Need help!

I need help in something guys. If any modder out there knows how to create a second seat in a hydra with 2 seats-model, please inform me about it. I really need to have 2 seater hydra-mods as soon as possible. If you know anyone, please inform him about this. Thanks - Frost


  1. Slyline know how, in f/a-18 hornet 2 seats(by Skyline xd)

    1. Skyline have hornet with 2 seats but it can only allow 1 person in it ( Pilot ) :P

  2. you can be in the hornet with the 2 seats, its judt that you need to enter from the left side,
    right side= crash

  3. I know someone his website is:
    search whatever you want he has all the aircrafts/army vehicles