Freitag, 8. Juni 2012

[WIP] Version 5 Animations - for 'Beasts'

I'm proudly to present you version 5! I call this baby 'beast' dunno why xD. Anyways, I've almost reached +200 subscribers and as a huge thank you, I'll be releasing this awesome mod when I reach 200 subscribers. Right now I have 190, so 10 more to go guys!

Version 5 features:

-new stance
-new SMG/Desert/sawnoff/colt45 holding while standing
-new armed stance
-new remade crouch-system
-better crouch stance
-more thinks are planned, but for now it's enough and I'm sick of editing the ped.ifp


  1. How many to release your environment mods? xD They're amazing. Btw can you get on skype some please? I need you! :)

  2. I subscribed and step brother and I told other friends that you got to subscribe to the 200 subscribers to my youtube nickname is jetairlinememories