Montag, 18. Juni 2012

Suggest poses/stuff for V6 Animations

Sup followers. I'm bringing you some new stuff, yes, V6 is coming. But I'm running out of ideas, that's why I decided to let you guys suggest me stuff to add in V6! Just post a link to a picture of the pose/stance of the thing you want to have in V6. What will V6 contain? Well, alot of cool features. V6 will include several types of animations, that means you'll have like 3 files within V6, which you could switch when you get bored of one of the animations. That's what I really like. It's not like always the same stuff, something completly new. So V6 will have multiple styles right? That's where you guys take a part of this mod. Simple show me your suggestion (picture) at the chat, or send me an e-mail at

I've already got the new crouch pose ready, I took pictures in MW3 and tried to make them look like just now. But of course you can suggest other poses you've saw in movies or any type of games. I think you guys will love this new style of animations. Now, when V6 will be released? Same as V5, subscribe, share etc! I really appreciate you guys for your help, and the only hard thing to do is only to subscribe to my youtube channel :
If I see a major increase of my subscriber ammount, I'll release V6.

Pictures will come soon, so stay tuned!



  1. creates animations battlefield 3, how to duck and run with the gun

  2. frost because you have this animation:

  3. also here there are more animations like running, sprinting bending with the gun and much:

  4. Yeah, BF3 Anims Would Be Cool :)