Samstag, 9. Juni 2012

[REL] V5 Animations - 'Beasts'

Here you go. Special thanks for the fans out there which subscribed my channel! You really are awesome guys!
If we reach 300 subscribers, who knows, I'll release V6.

V5 features:

-new stance
-new armed holding
-remade crouch system
-better crouch pos
-Desert Eagle, Mp5 etc. will have a better holding while standing
-New silenced colt45. anim


  1. So u coming in to Total war? We waiting for ya

  2. Frost here is a Request/Suggestion.
    Release a Vehicle pack including Aircraft, choppers, cars and stuff
    and Release a Weapon skin pack plsssss :D
    V6 can add Pistol holding and Running anim? OMG this is all the stuff i want xD

  3. thank you for release man ! so awesome this animations.

  4. release the helicopter please

  5. The crouch only looks good if you have a gun :S

  6. how to use that pls give me a tutorial pls pls pls pls :)

  7. my real name is joshua philip m. abogado am bro can i ask a favor can you teach me how to prone in gta sa pls