Montag, 14. Mai 2012

[RE-REL] Animations V4 aka MW3 animations

Alright, steal it, copy it, I don't fucking care. These are the LAST anims I'll release. They're not perfect, for a good reason. Because I'm working on V5 and V6 animations, with pretty badass stuff. If you compare the new animations with this, you'll be like gimme the new anims, but I WON'T release them because of some FUCKING stealers out there which should get a life to live -_-'

PS: If you gonna use them for anything, PLEASE let me know due the copyrights to prevent trouble with the internet law.


  1. Dear Frost, Making a new GTA sa series on youtube. would like to know if i can use your Anim V4 mod in the video. Ill include that the mod is yours in the descriptions and the end credits. PM me at P.s Love your work and want to say sorry for the assholes that stole them.

  2. You can use them. Thanks for the interests.

  3. Hi Frost, I love ur mods :D
    I'm here to inform u that i'm going to download ur Anims, To let u know :)
    Best wishes, I will always respect ur work and appreciate it eventhough u wont release it anymore :-)
    Pls keep up ur WORK :D

  4. The Unknown up there is me, I used a wrong account :( Sor

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