Sonntag, 1. April 2012

[WIP] New Animations

So I finaly got hands on 3Ds Max and I decided to make some new animations for you guys.
Currently, I just finished 2 new anims. I'll add more, so till then it's [WIP].
I'd like to hear opinions about it :)


  1. Its Cool Bro !! Also Edit The Rifle.ifp To Have Better Reload And Realistic Aiming

  2. +1 DsJonas btw where are you from zeh philippines?

    Well Frost its pretty awesome, I hope you have a good luck of making it, Even so GL my friend

  3. Yeah I Live In The Phils. But I am not A Filipino, I am Part Spanish Part German

  4. yeeeeees I hope you download these animations are very well

  5. I really hope I can finish the most hard part today, so I guess release is only a few hours ahead :)