Donnerstag, 26. April 2012

That's it I wont release anything anymore

The last few days I discovered many stealers. And I don't want anyone to copy my work. Anyways, I'll make mods for myself, will post some pictures on my blog so atleast some of you guys could speculate my works.
I'm sorry but it's really pissing me off -_-'
It's making me sick to see some retards stealing my releases and claiming as their own. Seriously for those ppl I only have to say this:

"You may copy me, but I decide what you can copy"

Hence, I won't release anything anymore, so this will stop right now.
I won't remove the download links on my already released mods, so you can still enjoy them.

Goodbye and thanks for downloading my products. If my mods made you happy, I asure it made me too.

Frost over and out.


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  2. I'm a fan, I love all of ur mods, feel bad to know that, wish u will start releasing mods again :(

  3. pls release your animation v5.0!!!!
    I like your animation very much!!!!

  4. Frost I ask for the permission for that reason :)
    I am not a thief like the others who could not do fashion (I know how, but not as good as you and appreciate this work)