Montag, 2. April 2012

[REL] Animations [FIXED LINKS]

[SORRY GUYS - I've linked you the wrong anims, these must work now, I'm sorry!]
So, everything done and dusted. These animations costed me 2 days of work. I've made them perfect, so you wont get bothered with glitches or bugs.
This anims contain
-New weapon holding
-New crouch pos
-New rifle walk
and much more!

Links removed, fuck off stealers


  1. Love The New Anims Bro ! You're Awesome, I Combined Yours And Williams Anims, You'll See The Result After I Finish Seal Team 7

  2. Sure but williams anims are bugged and glitchy, I wouldn't do that. But go ahead

  3. can you give me link somehow please because i have been searching for two hours for this mod and there are no links.... ^_^

  4. download link please...weapon & anim
    i'm begging you

  5. bro pleas link gun anim ....merhabalar sızın hayranınızım ve silahlarınızı cok begenıyorum bana skype den veya baska bir sekilde link yollayabılırmsn lutfen kac gundur bunu arastrıyorum ve bulamadm ve yenı buldum anımını lutfen gonderırmsn ben türkiyeden bir kardeşin skype sido2221 :( pleas link