Donnerstag, 19. April 2012

[INFO] Want to meet me on SA-MP?

Well, if you ever wanted to have some fun with awesome  players, I know the best server for you guys!
The Call Of Duty 5 Community SA-MP! As you know it, I'm a well-known member there, so I always hang around at their servers because they really are awesome!

Here are the IP's of the servers!

COD5 - Totalwar (I'm always playing there!)

COD5 - Resurrection

For more information about this awesome community, please take time and visit
It's has perfect war-servers and much more server for e.g Roleplay, Cops'n'Robbers etc. It's the best host you can find in SA-MP. Enjoy it and share the IP's with your friends so you guys might meet me one day while I'm training with my clan or just randomly pawn ppl :P But I'd appreciate if you wouldn't spam me with stuffs like 'when u release that mod' or ' can you make that mod ' etc. It's my playing time there and I want to enjoy it, every minute of it. You can ask me that stuff directly on this blog right at the chat-box or just send me a mail at my hotmail : A cool thing would be if you guys could subscribe my videos on my youtube channel! - Rate, share or leave me a comment at my videos, that'd be awesome for me and I'd really appreciate that!

Sincerley signed



  1. Frost can u make a Cover mod/ Cover System?
    This mod really awesome in servers to servers!
    Something like that
    But im looking forward to it if u really work on it, why dont u make a cover system like Arma? It would be awesome! Just suggestions on coming up mods :D

  2. Well dude I wont release mods that give you a advantages in servers.

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  4. Frost I played yesterday

    really nice server total war :)
    My nickname is Piorun975 [AFS]