Sonntag, 26. Februar 2012

[REL] F/A-22 Raptor Turkish Air-Force design

I know, my country doesn't own the F22.. but hey, in san andreas, everything seems to be possible :P
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  1. Hi Frost,I'm dind't find the chatbox for request amod,sooo,i using the coments bar...

    Well anyway,Could you make a new skin for the MI 26 of Sutekamari blogs?Hes skins its noot good,and the Baldomero mods Venezuela its more ugly them the original...

    but its a good chopper,it can carry tanks and ect,its verry usefull for mi,sooo,i hope you accept my request,the link for the Mi 26 its down here.

    Mi 26 sutekamari:

    Mi 26 Baldomero Mods Venezuela Skin:

    Thanks for the Attention.

  2. I'll work on it next weekend because I'm busy with school.

  3. Ok Frost,Thanks xD

    I'm busy with school this week too,soo we are at the same situation too haha,thanks for the attention again.